The Heat Fit IV

The Heat Fit IV, designed in conjunction with our partner Intuition Sports, comes standard with both the VFF and VFF Pro.  It's a pre-lasted liner that's been factory molded to the DaleBoot shell to provide a better fit out of the box, better try on capabilities and more in depth evaluation of custom fit needs.  The IV is a heat-moldable, thermo-formable liner that can be remolded several times over its useful life to accommodate any future changes to the skier's foot form or volume.  

Varying densities of multi-layered, "Intuition", cross-linked EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) form directly to the contours of the foot and lower leg, resulting in a liner that fully supports the foot; from the tip of the toes to the top of the calf.  This liner will keep your feet comfortable & warm throughout the day, allowing you to ski better, longer and harder.  The multiple layers of EVA, progressively stiffer from the foot outwards, provide the ultimate fit, feel, comfort, durability and performance.  In addition, an outer layer of special foam, known as the Power Wrap, combines the stiffness and durability of plastic with the molding properties of EVA to increase lateral support, stability, ankle and heel fit.  Lastly, Intuition's patented overlap/no tongue design allows for optimum volume control, response, and maximum contact inside the shell.  In combination with the DaleBoot Three Piece Tongue and Instep Closure System, the Heat Fit IV provides unparalleled ease of entry, fit, comfort and performance.

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