Ten Reasons to Get Custom Made Ski Boots

Having custom made ski boots is a bit like having a Ferrari. It’s not about the money — it’s about the experience.

A good maker/fitter will spend a lot of time with you assessing your feet, your skiing style and your equipment before thinking about which boot might be right for you. Once both of you have settled on a shell, they’ll make your boots. Then, when you come back for your second appointment, they’ll measure some more, create your footbed, adjust the insole, place pads, heat up the liners and the shell, and wedge you in. When everything cools and the pads have been removed, you’ll slip ever so smoothly into perfectly fitting boots. It’s all about the experience of a perfect fit — not just “transportation from A-to-B.”

Here are ten reasons why you should consider getting custom-made ski boots:

  1. Custom-made ski boots are comfortable from day one.
  2. They perform better than off-the-shelf boots.
  3. They last longer.
  4. They can be adjusted as your feet change shape over time.
  5. You can more easily change liners, if needed.
  6. They offer better ankle support and foot protection than off-the-shelf options.
  7. Over time, reputable custom made boot makers will re-mold footbeds and liners for you.
  8. You get professional advice from certified boot makers/fitters who also happen to be skiers.
  9. You can easily replace outsoles as they wear down over time.
  10. You’ll look good in them!